Fopdoodles, Numpties, and Smellfeasts: A Suggested Selection of Eighteenth-century and Scottish Words that Deserve Wider Currency



BIBA’CITY. n.s. [bibacitas, Latin.] The quality of drinking much.

DO’GHOLE. n.s. [dog and hole.] A vile hole; a mean habitation.
France is a doghole, and it no more merits the tread of a
man’s foot.

FO’PDOODLE. n.s. [fop and doodle.] A fool; an insignificant wretch.
Where sturdy butchers broke your noddle,
And handled you like a fopdoodle.

FO’PPLING. n.s. [from fop.] A petty fop; an under-rate coxcomb.
They work is Chloe’s toilet gain a part,
And, with his tailor, share the foppling’s

PERPOTA’TION. n.s. [per and poto, Latin.]  The act of drinking

SME’LLFEAST. n.s. [smell and feast.] A parasite; one who haunts
good tables.


BOGGIN’. Filthy; disgusting.

MINGIN’.  Disgusting

HOACHIN’.  An abundance of something

NUMPTY.  Idiot.

SLEEKIT.  Cunning or sly.

Further suggestions welcome


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